Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In London (different city same thoughts)

Well made it to london, and paying over odds to use internet here.Have walked round the whole of London and am very tired not having slept as coach took 4 hours!. I'm starting to wonder why I came to London- seeing people hurrying around most not speaking English and not making eye contact leads me to believe London is a place to lose yourself not find yourself. But here now, going to westminister abbey this pm and walk by Thames. But first back to room ( got accomodation when got here in student halls as they're not back and near Trafalgar square so convenient) need sleep now so going to check in and take sleeps- prob not wake up till tommorow. think may do tourist thing on open top bus tommorow.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hallo Lareve

Glad you have arrived. Glad too that you managed to find a cyberlink..expensive as it is.

Enjoy Westminster and the walk by the Thames. One of my favourite things to do in London, when I am brave enough to handle the hordes (which is hardly ever these days), is to take a boat trip up and down the Thames.

I quite like The Modern Tate too. It is a spooky building...but the mixture of art is fascinating..even the reproduction toilet kind of art (for novelty and cheap humour purposes)

If you can, keep me posted. xxxx

La-reve said...

Thanks Mandy, got few mins again, funny enough going on thames boat thingy in hour- seems one of the most peaceful things to do in London so am there. Been to Harrods today and walked from westminister to knightsbridege. up oxford street to Marylebone and back (knackered - which is good cos place staying has no tv or net so can only sleep (brought enough meds with me to achieve that one) thanks for post.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi again Lareve

You have been doing alot of walking. Oxford Street. Now that was brave.

Hope you get a really good night's rest in the place you are staying and look forward to any trekks about you have tomorrow.

Bye for now and stay safe xx

Anonymous said...

Glaad that you arrived safely, I agree with mandy that Tate Modern is great, especially if you can get one of the talking sticks (phones?) that explain all the art. Hannah X

La-reve said...

Oxford street was brave, too brave I think

Hi, thanks for comment, didn't get to go Tate modern couldn't fit it in but did sail past on Thames cruise and interesting building- will be on my list of to-do next time down capital. So much to do in London, satisfies anyones restless nature