Monday, September 15, 2008

Well it's monday and the start of new week seeing care-cordinator this morning, but I forgot what time so waiting around. I know she will want to know what has been happening over last two weeks so I have spent some time listing it here to help me remember as memory bit shot at moment. In last two weeks I have:

Stopped taking sertraline (Now two weeks)
Seen GP and got repeat prescription for sleeps
Been exercising and very active
Been on healthy eating plan
Started CBT
Been reffered to social services who have visited
Have decided to go back to work another two weeks
Have spoken to managers at work and oc health
Have decided would like another baby once feel better.
Have applied for 2nd voluntary job with samaritans
Have applied for local marathon for next year ( think this was impulse)
Have decided going back to uni next september

I guess that's quite a lot for two weeks but perhaps I should have being doing more, feel that way, not sure what. I guess I will see what our meeting brings.

Last night sleep was little better had bit of crazy moment at 2am where was dancing around living room to Madonna immaculate collection(not sure why but had urge) and then got some sleep 4-8am hooray.!

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