Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just got back, been to Asda and Tesco,- weird there was no one there except a few drunks I could see the staff looking at me deciding if I was a druggie or drunk as why the hell was I there after 2 AM. I didnt have anything to buy so ended up buying four industrial size boxes of soap powder. 4 because there were 4 or I would probably have bought more. I now have enough washing powder to wash everyones washing on the street maybe thats an offer I will make tommorow. I nearly got stopped by police as I decided I would drive without car lights just for a change because I felt like it. I am in a counting mood at the moment counting the aisles in the supermarket, counting the streets I drove past anything really. there are 10 lines and 150 words in this post. And it's 3 AM. (154 words now)

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