Thursday, November 6, 2008

Royal toilet paper and such.

Well the Depakote has started to give me some side-effects which I won't go into other than perhaps to say gastrointestinal. I am also getting quite bad stomach cramp and my co-ordination is off.

I am continuing to feel very anxious. I just had to stop myself buying a ticket to Edinburgh and if I didn't have my son I would be off anyway and everywhere like a shot. But I have responsibilities and that keeps me grounded. I guess I will have to settle for some more furniture arranging or something. Perhaps I will go out for drive or to one of those 24 hour supermarkets.

I am nearly out of meds as they gave me seven day supply and cant get into GP until wednesday so I am going to have to get an emergency appointment tommorow. This will involve ringing at 8.30 am and explaining why I need to be seen that day. And also why it has to be by the doctor I usually see. Not very rewarding particularly when I attend same receptionist gives me a look for not coughing and spluttering everywhere and not looking ill enough.

I can see more retail therapy on cards, maybe some new sofas. Part of me won't be happy until I have spent every last penny I have saved over last two years. But what is money except a piece of paper, no different from the one you wipe your arse on, except that the queens head happens to be on it. (actually would be more rewarding for her head to be on the other tyoe as well) but just my opinion.

I have now completed my christmas shopping, hurrah, I feel smugly organised and content, although perhaps wont be able to risk buying little extras, whilst the bank hasn't reclaimed my cards yet.

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