Friday, November 28, 2008

What a difference a week makes

A busy week really, son has been ill so been looking after him and having to put his needs first has given me less space for internal which I think has helped really.

I am no longer in a depressed state, in fact I actually feel pretty ok. I have been cleaning a lot, everything and everywhere and keeping myself very busy, to avoid those dreaded thoughts.

I am returning to work on thursday and hopefully will be able to stay more than a few hours this time as otherwise it will be benefit applications for me, and I don't have the patience for that path.

When I spoke to CC on monday we talked about diagnosis and if I was looking for one. She says from what she has seen of me I definitely appear to be more Bipolar as opposed to unipolar. I gave her my anti-label speech about symptoms being the thing that needed to be treated and not a label. Also I am aware that being diagnosed Bipolar will have certain implications on job prospects etc.

I gave up on the medication this week. I was originally on Depakote but a screw up GP end meant I was prescribed the much cheaper Convulex (I suppose we are in recession), this started to make me feel really drowsy,and lacking co-ordination and so I stopped it after four days. I was on the Sodium valproate/valproic acid for 3 weeks in total. No benefits noted. And I know I perhaps should have given it longer and would have if was Depakote alone.

Having given up meds from 1000mg to zilch I feel pretty good. It's amazing the difference a week makes. I actually think I may be cured!!


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Glad you week has gone better for you...hope that continues.

Good luck at work. Hoping all goes to plan (yours).

Won't comment on the meds situation..or lack off..cos my opinions are as obvious as the foghorn on my face

Enjoy your weekend


La-reve said...

Thanks Mandy
Up so early, Lozes not working?

crazyasuka said...


I hope you post more about this feeling.