Monday, December 1, 2008

A new week ahead

Well it is sunday night, well I suppose officially it is monday morning. I have had a really good weekend on the whole, got a lot done including wrapping all the christmas presents I have bought, more cleaning, and put up my christmas tree.

Its lovely having my tree to look at, I do like the lights, brightens up the room and makes it seem all the more cosy next to my open fire.

This week have a fair bit on, tommorow I am seeing my Care Co-ordinator. Tuesday I am going into work to see the occupational terapist/nurse about whether I am fit for work, and all being good I am returning to work again on thursday. Last week I had my last session of CBT so free up wednesday. I got 8 sessions of CBT I think thats all they offer up here, and although few of the sessions were useful, how can you make real changes in 8 sessions? so have mixed feelings - but that's another post.

Right now- I have MTV Dance on, I have always liked a wide choice of music and the music I listen to is probably a good sign of my mood. I would normally have gone 24hr store for browsing and shopping but sunday so no where open. Also I have been over-spenidng big time recently. I will prob just wait for sunrise and new day.

One thing really bothering me is twitching under my eye, won't go away for last day or so, anyone know what causes this, and how to get rid of it?


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

You got your tree up. Good going!

I have this tree that is like a snowman with a tree for a body but I can't get the fibre optics to work. A job for Dr J, when he is sober enough :>)

Hope meeting with CC went well and that your meeting at work isn't too stressy for you.

Take care there x

La-reve said...

Hi Mandy

Your tree sounds interesting. Cc meeting went ok. i think she thinks I am elated as opposed to cured. Work meeting postponed til wednesday. Will mail you :)

Jessica said...

Hu La-reve,

I love X'ms tree.. the lights flickering, it's almost comforting. I don't have a tree at home due to space.

Maybe you can put a picture up?

As for the eye twitch, I do get that sometimes. It's due to the nerves at the eye muscles. I get that when I'm stress or when I do not get enough sleep. Could it be the case for you?

You could massage your eye area with your fingers or sleep it off maybe. It will go away soon.

Take care.