Thursday, January 8, 2009

I was succesfully Shrunk

As Lola put it I was sucessfully shrunk today. Well what I mean is I went to see the Shrink and I think it went fairly ok.
I told her that my mood is really good that I have a lot more energy at the moment to cook, shop clean etc and that I think I have put the illness behind me. She tried to analyse everything particularly my feelings and emotions which I find difficult because I don't think I have emotions. She said I seemed better but she doesn't believe it is sustainable and given my history she is worried what will happen when it drops back. I told her this wouldn't happen but she didn't believe me.
On the positive I told her I tried the med route an dI want to be med fee, particularly as I do honestly believe I am no longer ill. She said she would respect this and that was fine. The meeting was very different then before I was very chatty and I had to stop myself from laughing all the way through, a few bursts got out though. I think I puzzled the med student who was sitting in.
She did say they want to hold onto me as I clearly need support and help, which they haven't been able to provide me with up to now- (in that they can't diagnose my demons let alone treat them) I agreed to go to another appointment on 29th a CPA review at which point they will try and hand me over to my new CC. Which I don;t feel will be necessary.

Another positive, was that they have changed their position re:med notes. Rather than refuse me reading the rest they said I can read them in a few weeks if I remain stable. I am happy with this compromise.

And another birthday has come and gone. Uneventful apart from above. I got a window herb garden which I am excited about trying to cultivate (Yes I am sad) and am allowed the three seater sofa to sprawl on tonight rather than the two seater - My partner really spoils me!!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you being so positive La-reve. I'm pleased to hear that it went ok, it seems like some good compromises were made! A birthday miracle!

Lola x

The Dotterel said...

Good luck with the herb-garden!