Sunday, July 4, 2010

New week resolutions

Ok - aims for this week

1. Do not get assessed under MENTAL HEALTH ACT (not wising to set records here)

2. Do NOT say anything which warrants being assessed/sectioned/detained. Problem here is stupid brain in overdrive and words jumble out without thinking which are hard to take back. Or I think my behaviour is so hilarious it must be shared with everyone including postman.. CMHT do not seem to see hilarity, and this leads back to no.1

3. Try not to end up with Crisis team next weekend. Didn't mind the chat's yesterday and today even though they kept asking if I thhought I should be in hospital.

4. Resist impulse to go off somewhere or impulse buy. A sofa, hoover,plates, bowls, shoes, toaster, desk other household stuff from this week is enough.

5. I GUESS GOES without saying- STAY IN COMMUNITY>

- I wonder how I wil do come end of week. Anyway here's hoping for a quieter week.


David said...

Hope it all quietens down very soon. Take care me dear, Dx

NOS said...

I too hope you have a quieter week. But above all I want to see you well!

Wishing you well,

Bippidee said...

I hope you manage it, and that this week is better for you than the last week has been. xxx