Sunday, August 31, 2008

Had a relatively quiet day, managed to cook sunday roast which was nice and an achievement in itself. Felt a bit disassociated today not sure if it's the lack of sleep(only got 2 hours) or the meds. Tommorow is a new week - hope I manage to achieve more than this week but also need to accept that my goals need to be realistic for where I am at the moment. Need to think about work, will I be able to go back? How long can I continue to be signed off before they let me go, or I feel obligated to resign. It hard because when you are 'unwell' that becomes your constant focus and everything else like life plans and goals are put on the back burner. I think I need to start shifting that balance - slowly.


Disillusioned said...

re returning to work - my advice would be to wait until you really really want to. If you're anything like me you will try to return too early because you feel you "ought" to - whereas what you "ought" to do is make sure you are really ready to be backa t work.
imo only, of course.

Realistic goals are good. At my worst I make lists so that I can tick things off and realise I have actually achieved something.
Be safe.

Lareve said...

Thanks for advice, yes it is hard to make right decision re:work when you feel obligated.

I think list making is good but sometimes that can get a bit obsessive when you start making list for everything and of course making sure the things on the list are achievable otherwise end up feeling more of failure.