Friday, September 19, 2008

City Life

Got a little sleep and now able to post a bit more. Hmm I could probably right a short story of my experiences in London. since coming back I have been severely repremanded by my Mum and few others about going to capital on spare of moment and not being 'safe' for young woman on own. Sadly, they are partly true. I nearly got attacked whilst in St James Park on tuesday night, I was feeling restless and went out at 9.30pm ( so prob my own fault) was grabbed from behind and as he put his hand over my mouth managed to bite him which caused enough stir for another man to run over and attacker to run off. I was told to ring police but didn't want to admit being so reckless as to walking on own at night and go through all details etc. Weird thing was wasn't actually scared just laughed afterwards.

I decided whilst in London to visit state rooms at Buckingham palace . However, seeing all that luxury, over the top expense and refinery when I had just passed a man sleeping rough in tube station got too much. And so when an american woman commented 'isn't is wonderful?' I had to state 'no it isn't wonderful, its vulgar, disgusting waste of British money, to think that one person can have such luxury simply because of their birth whilst NHS, Education system etc are underfunded is criminal' . I was then escorted from the palace.
I didn't visit that many places whilst in London, mainly because I was walking , and that took a lot of time up. I worked it out on the map and I walked over 20 miles in three days. I can't actually walk much today because of this.

However on Wednesday whilst walking by the Thames, I decided it would be nice to climb bridge and sit on top ledge. this took me a while but got up there in end. Anyway, think people must have thought I wanted to jump because couple of people and policeman came over not long after. I wasn't trying to jump, but weird thing is that I wasn't scared up there, in fact I wasn't that concernd if I fell if I did, I did. anyway got back down and then policeman asked me questions where I lived etc. Couldn't be doing with that as I had come to London to get away from all these ques etc. so I pretended I couldn't understand English and then ran off.

All in all, pretty eventful time in London. I had gone away to sort my head out, but perhaps somewhere more naturally beautiful and less hectic might have been better. Was spare of moment decision to go and thats pretty much how I lived for those three days there. Back now to reality and got care co-ordinator coming monday, know she rang my partner concerned at my impulsive trip so will see what she has to say.


Seratonin said...

Blimey you've had an eventful time.Well done on the speaking up regarding HRH & her palace !! Some Americans really don't have clue.
Glad you are still in one piece.Must admit I'd be bricking it if I'd been grabbed.

Takde care
Love Sis xxx

La-reve said...

Thanks sis,

Yeah, guess I was lucky if passerby wouldn;t have helped etc, yeah feel a bit of fraud for paying 16 quid to get in palace in first place but was worth it for drama of being evicted. Wish I could have told queen to her face, that would have been something.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Being attacked in St James's Park and people fretting over you sitting on bridge (although I think, if I was walking past you I would have been concerned too). Agreed not the most relaxing of trips away.

Does prove that if a woman goes to a park by herself, at night, chances are there will be some opportunist bastard loitering with intent to do damage.

I used to like to roam about all hours (as and when mood took me) but these days I have co-ordinator says they are unfounded... that I will be attacked.

anyway, your are home safe and in some ways it is reassuring that your fam were concerned for you.

As an anti royalist...Buck House would be much better used to home the homeless. Flog all the arty stuff in it and that would keep the place going for years.

Was wanting to write something about the lumpenproletariat on my blog. But because there is something wrong in the works, lost the plot very quickly.

Will come back to it when I have had a bath and my blog is behaving itself.

Bye for now xxx

Pink Floyd said...

Some Americans are clueless but take it from me, some of us know all to well how sad it is. The mental health care here is continually deteriorating. I did want to say, your article on Monday, about suicide and depression, explained exactly how I feel. It was like you took the words from my mouth!

La-reve said...

I am anti-royalist so why the hell I paid 18 quid to view royal tat don't really know. Hectic, describes my time in London. Think I need to calm some of my mad ideas like bridge climbing. But all this activity means depression lifting doesn't it

La-reve said...

Pink floyd,

Thanks for reading and commenting. I know not all American are clueless but does make me laugh that a lot of them think the British people ae in love with the monarchy. Most are not.

Re:mondays post on suicide, I'm glad you could relate I do have some thoughtful times and nice to get views out there, but do worry that they may be seen as black, or self-pitying.

take care x