Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it wrong to feel so good?

My sister's 18th birthday today so going out for a meal tonight. Not sure what to think about this as getting quite restless and sitting down and conforming not appealing.
Saw my care co-ordinator this morning, told her I think I no longer have depression as feeling fine, in fact better than I ever have. I told her about London and my exploits although get feeling she has been on blog and read this although she says she hasn't. Maybe that's the paranoid side.

I think she thinks I am a bit elated at moment, and where this might be heading. She has made an appointment with shrink next wednesday for review and I have a feeling I will be prescribed something to bring me down a bit. I do feel energetic and just want to walk, dance sing all the time but it's a feeling I'm quite enjoying at the moment.

We talked about London and what could have happened that night in St James, still think whole situation is laughable - I know that's slightly bizare.

I also heard from work and have meeting with oc health about going back to work next week, they want details of my medication. that's easy I AM NOT ON ANY MEDICATION.

On Blogland note- 'RIP MANDY LIFEBOAT AHOY' I am missing your blog but understand your reasoning, hope you are not gone from blogland too long and will be able to carve out something more productive for yourself.


Mandy said...

Nope Lareve

It isn't so wrong to feel so good.

I think it actually would make a great design for life....just got to get rid of those nasty defective thoughts and illnesses.

I have a cunning plan to revolutionise the blue smarty. With the aid of some talcum powder and epsum salts. Bet it is as effective as any of that Olanazpine shite.

Hope the feel good factor lasts..even if only a few you get quality stuff before the next trough (sure we would love to get rid of the troughs full stop but not as likely as we would hope)


Mandy said...

Wot no news of Newark?

From Gutted of Dunstable :>) xx

La-reve said...

Hi Mandy

Not much too tell of Newark- well not by comparison to London anyway. was village type place so other than a few looks for not being local and some long walks nothing to tell.

Mandy said...

Fair enough Lareve

Although I do like oldey worldy villages with cake shops.