Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last night after spending some time on Mandy blog, where all sorts going down. got sudden burst of energy and so put on Ministry of sound and did 'carboard box' dance for few hours. My partner who wouldn't join me thinks I am completely mad. He said I shouldn;t be dancing around at my age (when is it time to hang up those dancing shoes? surely at 26 I'm still allowed the odd dance?) anyway got into debate over why we are together as he sits in his room does his thing and I do mine. Granted, I am hard to live with at mo, because of my moods. But I'm still cooking cleaning, washing etc for him and dont think its too much for him to show me a little care and interest. Starting to think what all men really want, is someone who can cook and clean and look after there needs, give them sex on demand and shut the fuck up in between (sorry if this offends any males out there). So have called off any wedding plans for forseeable future.

Spent night on sofa, which was ok as only slept two hours. I have run out of sleeps, and haven't cashed in prescription for two reasons- one my mind is telling me sleep is waste of time when I could be doing so many other things with that time, and secondly the other half of me wants to store them up so I've got strong pills if need them for get out. I got up at 7.00 am pottered round house and now cooking Roast, have invited partner sister and family over as well so cooking for 5 today.

Sorry nothing of particular thought, or any philosophical ponderings today, not in that place but will try and put something together when can sit for minute.


Anonymous said...

You said there was lots going on with Mandy's blog now its gone do you know what happened as because of my move I lost internet so am only catching up on blogs now. X

La-reve said...

Yes noticed its gone.
Well silvis who is contributor there posted some satirical art which caused offence to some readers, led to big hoo ha, and debates re: BNP, Paedophilia , homophobia etc.

silvis then removed all art and I believe, Mandy received some personal and upsetting emails. I can only presume that this has upset her enough to jack it in - which is a shame and I am sad about- as good blog and the inspiration for my own blog.

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

I went off and had a think about what had happened and I didn't
mind so much people getting lary with each other but I did mind the total lack of thought given to me (and then the personal mail telling me it was all my fault).

Anyway, tis done now and I feel quite relieved.

Will be back with something lighter..much later.

And will stay up to date with those blogs I like.


I will be