Friday, September 12, 2008

Statistically speaking

Struggling to get my thoughts together enough to write a decent post tonight. So just thought would record some statistics:

Number of hours sleep in last 72 hours =4 hours
Number of paracetamol I've collected = 160 tablets
Days since last overdose = 30 days (1 month)
Days I have been off Sertraline = 11 days
Days until I see shrink= 13 days
Days left until due back at work = 18 days
Days left until make recovery and get on with my life ?????

Have taken two Zolpidem(yes I know I shouldn't) but still no sleep - thats about all I can write at moment struggling to concentrate.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi Lareve

Honey get rid of those paracetamol. Pretty please :>)

Fingers crossed here that the Zolpiwotsit aids you to some much needed sleep.

As for recovery..well if you can use your view of recovery to help you to your kind of recovery that is as good as it gets and I have never sussed what sort of timescales are appropriate. Mine has gone missing in non action.

Take care and hugs xxx

La-reve said...

Thanks Mandy.

hmm- prob should get rid of tablets but at mo seem to be a bit of a comfort to have them to hand, oh dear I guess that's not good eh?

Got some sleep last night hooray!- five hours which is good. But spent day emotional wreck and tearful- don't understand as been on high for last week or two.

Re: recovery not sure people ever fully recover - when something like this hits think changes person for ever- may construct a post on this theme if can get head together enough

thanks for reading and commenting.