Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Social Services and CBT

Quite a busy day today. Got visit from dreaded social services. Wasn;t half as bad as I thought they said that they could see I was doing a good job with my son and that I had all the support in place re:my mental health so there was no need for referral or for them to be involved. This is good I guess. However, my Health visitor who came with her looked a bit disappointed. not sure if this is because she disagrees and thinks the fact that my mental state is not always stable means I am at risk to my son, or perhaps she was hoping social services would get involved and then she wouldn't have to waste her time visiting me- oh well. the Health visitor says she is concerned I have gone from low mood no activity to a sudden burst of energy and wanting to do everything yesterday she said this is 'step backward' as risk burnout.

Also had cognitive behavioural therapy today at Nottingham psychotherapy unit. This was a bit of a mixed bag. Not sure what I was expecting from the session but spent time just relating what had happened in my life over last few months and then getting given some sheets to fill in what I'm doing on a hourly/daily basis. I am having a newbie therapist. This is good because she seems to have the entusiasm often lacking in professionals who have spent many years in the services getting hardened to peoples problems but bad in that she was lacking confidence and asked me at one point ' not sure what I should be asking do you??' to which I did not reply but gave a blank look.

Not sure how CBT is going to help me - I hope it can but can you really change the way you think when you have always had that thought pattern and by changing your thoughts and the way you view the world am I changing the very thing that defines who I am?. Well I will fill in my log and see and wait for next session. But I don't need a therapist to tell me my activity and mood is yo-yoing and that I need more structure.

Rest of day been out for walk and done some shopping. Then most evening spent catching up with blogs. Being able to read others blogs, comment helps me gain some perspective and is hopefully of use to others and myself.


Disillusioned said...

Sounds to me like you have achieved a lot today. Great result with Social Services.
Sounds too like you could do with some encouragement. So, here it is - I think you did brilliantly to cope with so much when things are difficult. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Be safe.

Lareve said...

Thanks always nice to get some encouragement. Just difficult to believe you done well, when tend to dwell on what doing wrong if you know what I mean. Thanks for comment. x

Lindsay said...

Hi there, i'm a new reader to your blog and just wanted to say hello. I have been having CBT for depression and anxiety for about 8 months and find it quite helpful. Yes, it is difficult to change the way you think and you can't really stop your automatic thoughts but when you challenge those thoughts it can help you to see a more 'neutral reality. I really hope you find it beneficial. Take care.

Lareve said...

Thanks Lindsay I hope so, and ncie to hear a real success story as opposed to the 'professionals' telling me it's great.

Seratonin said...

Crikey I was thinking what a lot to be dealing with in one day.

I have had 2 courses of CBT for depression & anxiety.In theory I can appreciate how it works, but in practice it is dammned hard.I am on a therapist's waitng list for CBT regarding my OCD.Apparently it's a bit different to the usual kind of CBT.

Incidentally a good workbook for CBT is 'Mind Over Mood' by Greenberger/Padesky - my local CMHT use it a lot.I bought mine from
Take care
Love Sis xxx