Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy day, not sure if its that I have a lot to do or making things to do? Have already been out shopping, been to opticians, cleaned entire house, baked some bread and played guitar(which hasn't seen daylight for while) at the moment I am just going with the extra energy and seeing where it takes me. This afternoon making a Jamie oliver fish pie with fish I brought from fish market earlier. It is a week since I took what hopefully will be last overdose, in fact almost exactly a week to the hour that I was taken in an ambulance. I won't dwell on this as I am in a safe place now and don't want to risk losing my footing here. Seeing Care Co-ordinator in next hour, nothing much to discuss there, so may be fruitless visit.


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Suffering a touch of the DT's here. Only had a quarter of a loz since last night. As vice president of Mind any advice you can offer on the party line of meds withdrawal would be much appreciated. I promise not to bad mouth Paul Farmer anymore (fingers crossed behind back here). :>)

Back to your reality: What a difference a week has made and hoping the upness, new level, or whatever it is stays with you.

Tell me what that fish pie is like.


La-reve said...

I believe the party line on that one is speak to your physician and always withdraw gradually, in case of withdrawal symptoms go back for another appointment, remember the GP/Psychiatrist is your god.

Just got pie in oven looks delish.

Yes is a difference in a week, saw cc who concerned at change happening too quick, there goes the rain on my parade,

Lareve x

Mandy said...

so would your CC prefer you to be feeling suicidal?

There's just no pleasing some people eh?

Being objective then she should be being objective about your moods and monitoring them but not showing disappointment that you are feeling better.

La-reve said...

Hi again Mandy

Pie was delish by the way, salmon and haddock.

Yeah I know about CC, from where I am anything is better than suicidal. I can understand her warning etc, but at moment am in control, no trips to London planned yet. ha. x

La-reve said...
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