Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clocks gone back, winter's here!

Clocks have gone back today, and I feel winter is upon us. Nights drawing in, christmas decorations being put up in town and winter coats dragged out of closets.

I know for many people, people with mental health issues winter is a bad time. Whether its S.A.D or just that with winter comes the impulse to hibernate, perhaps more than usual. If dragging yourself out the doors is a problem anyway, and lets face it for many of us it is, winter does us no favours. I personally, don't mind winter. I was born in winter, and the idea of wrapping up warmly coming home to cosy slippers, warm fires and hot drinks has a certain nostalgia that the summer months lack. However, I wonder if I can say this partly because I am not alone and can afford the extra expense winter brings. Coming back to an empty house,and long silent nights. Or opening the door to a bitter chill, knowing you can't afford to put on any heating, not so nostalgic.

I guess the thing about winter, is that often brings me to the realisation of a wasted year and wasted time. I start out the year, fresh ideas to achieve wonderful things and make something of myself, but by this time , nearly November, I realise yet again these dreams have come to nothing. And so any hope of achieving them are packed away to be taken out in January for 2009. This year has been a very bad year, and so I hope these winter thoughts will be kind this time.

On a positive, only 66 days left of 2008, and if 2008 was my rock bottom, and in some ways it must be 2009 must have better in store.


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

My daugther was a winter baby and prefers winter to summer.

Hoping that 2009 is better than this one for you is deffo something to hang on to.

Hot water bottles are my favourite winter item. Surrogate wooby blanket.


La-reve said...

Thanks Mandy

Hoping 2009 is better for us all perhaps a miracle pill for mental illness will be invented with no side effects, ok maybe not, but got to optimistic.

Hot water bottles, yeah forgot those. :)

eccedentesiat said...

I was a winter baby, love the cold and rain, hate the sun etc.

Here's to hoping for a better next year x

Pink Floyd said...

I'm in the camp of those that dread winter. I start dreading it by September, when it is still three months away! I hope you continue to find comfort during the season and have a great 2009.

La-reve said...

Thanks Eccedenesiat and Pink Floyd

It's not that I especially like winter but just its not something I dread. I guess I will just be happy to see this year over and knowing I survived it an achievement considering.

Lareve x