Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep thinking about the bridge tonight, a particular bridge, a local bridge. I have 196 paracetamol but chances are I couldn't get enough down me to kill myself before I chucked up or even chickened out. OD has not been succesful for me. I am med free so I know the thoughts I'm having now are my own and they are crap but they're mine. Went out and bought my son a few christmas presents tonight which I will wrap so that if something happens he will have something from his mum for christmas. I know that is little conselation. I have also written a few notes for people instruction and a kind of explanation not an apology. I'm writing this to explain in case my blogging suddenly stops. I can't write much more the subject is sensitive and I don't know who may find it and read.


Seaneen said...

Please don't.

Disillusioned said...

Please stay safe.
You are valued and things can get better.

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Am not at home at the moment hun but think I can send you mail via your blog and will do.

Don't touch them paracetamol..hang on in there and I know it sounds lame but try ringing the CMHT number today because you need some support there and deserve it.

Hugs xxx

Mandy said...

Having DOH moment here..can't find an e:mail link.

I am contactable on up until 10.30 am and then this afternoon and please don't worry about making sense or not. This is me, and I often make no sense to myself, let alone anyone else.


La-reve said...

Thanks for the messages means a lot. I am still here , hanging on just about. nothing more to say.

Mandy said...

Keep on hanging in there.

...I have gone into the numb zone.

I like it here lots. Sadly, will wear off in a couple of hours. So making most of it whilst it is here.