Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meds, meds and more meds.

Well Just got back from Psychiatrist appointment and we chatted about mood. I told her I am definitely back at depression. I can't shift it. I can't help feeling bad and feeling responsible for everything bad as well. Take the Haringey baby, I feel somehow responsible like I could have protected it, I'm not sur ehow, but I could have. And now the two children who have been stabbed in manchester 3months and 3 years got feeling that one will be put down to postnatal depression.
Yesterday had CBT, but couldn't concentrate. Filled in Becks depression Inventory and got 44 which I don;t think is good by look on therapist face, so talked about that for bit and did some exercise I can't remember then let alone now. She said she was going to ring CC as believe I am a risk.
Anyway CC was ill today and most prob yesterday as well so she did not attend Shrink. The Shrink has doubled by Depakote to 500mg twice daily. and said she will also like to add in an anti-D once I stabilised on that. I also now prescribed Temazepam for sleep. think I will have to get a pill organiser or something.

Just off to Occ health to find out if I still have a job to go to. I hope so as no money and christmas is coming. Hope she is sympathetic this time.

PS- Scott from previous posts, no emails please I can't take it today.

Edit: Been to Occ health and given the option either come back in next few weeks and stay at work or they will consider other options (e.g dismissal) so at this rate will be unemployed for crimbo.


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Wanted you to know am thinking of you.

As for whoever that Scott person is, my advise is to delete anything that comes from him. Block him if you can. If not and he wants to continue his harrasment, he is more than welcome to send his views to me (and if he is man enough) post a comment on my blog. I will duly respond.

werehorse said...

It always surprises me that people like that Scott seem to have so much time to search out "sinners" to vilify, when there is plenty of work to be done if you actually want to help others, which I naively thought was the main point of the god-stuff!

I hope the meds start to help a little Lareve, I'm sorry that you are dealing with such difficult stuff x

La-reve said...


Thanks, surprising how scott didn't respond to my last post, I have blocked him now as don't need that sort of thing when feeling bit vulnerable.


Thanks for coment know you don't have much time. Yes Scott is an idiot. But I wont group all christians etc under that as some help others, some just use it as an excuse for vileness.

I'm hoping the meds help too. And hoping that for you as well.

Scott said...

I stand by everything I wrote and it's only those 'ILL' like you who have a problem with that. Things will be bad for you until you see your true path.