Thursday, December 4, 2008

How much is mental health worth?

First day back at work and it went very well. Ok I was struggling with concentration after few hours and I got headache as my office is very loud but I did my 4 hours and I am still here.

In fact going back to work has put me in a bit of a spin. I am going out tommorow night into town for first time in ages. I have started researching a internet business I might be starting. I have been spending (yes got to stop that one). I came home and cooked fish pie from scratch and there is apple crumble in the oven.

I have been med free for seven days and no side effects noted as expected. I am starting to think they gave me a placebo or something. I am still pretty pissed that the GP changed the Depakote to Convulex causing horrible sedation and forcing me to drop meds cold turkey. Depakote - approx 35p per pill and convulex 16p per pill. Gets me thinking what is the cost of our mental health? what are we worth? how much can be spent on us?. Obviously I am not worth 19p extra per pill. I bet the GP will be sleeping soundly now I am med free, and no longer burdening her quota.

I guess our NHS isn't a bottomless pit. But if I was diabetic, would they say insulin is too expensive here take some paracetamol, I think not. If I broke my leg would they say plaster casts are pricey here's some paper mache knock yourself out. A crass comparison I know but I don't like to be made to feel like Oliver Twist begging services for their NHS gruel.

Anyway, I will see how this being back to work and being med free pans out, at least until I see Shrink next thursday.


crazyasuka said...

I was very surprised this time, because they gave me the real SEROQUEL. Over here they never give me the real thing, just some generic cheap stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason my depression hasn't been cured is because of the bad meds. I pointed out to the psychiatrist that my past medications didn't even give me adverse effects, it was like eating candy.

La-reve said...


I know what you mean, when I ahve meds that give me no effects, postitiv or negative I sometimes wonder if there is anything in them. Glad they gave you real Seroquel though, hoping it is useful.