Sunday, December 7, 2008

I hate saturday and sunday nights. My usual 24 hour supermarket haunts are closed so I am left here contemplating how best to use up my energy, keep myself active and keep certain thoughts at bay. The only where open to go to tonight would be the airport and the only thing there would be the temptation to get on stand-by flight. aaaaahhhh I wish I had an off button for the thoughts and for me generally- I have taken 2 Temazepam and contemplating a third.


crazyasuka said...

I hope you got to sleep.

colouredmind said...

Hope you got to sleep too. The weekends nearly over now, so I hope that things improved. Love Hannah X

La-reve said...

Nessa and Hannah
Tahnks for stopping by and your comments

Got few hours, which is better than some nights but not great and am up and restless again. Weekend is over, but another week ahead of, struggling to concentrate at work, shrink appointment, housework and chasing toddler.Oh well.