Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's saturday

Yesterday I saw OC Health (choose your own expletive) I was honest with him told him about my illness and diagnosis being up in air (In so much no-one tells me what they are thinking). Told him about recent jolly to A&E etc. I told him that I was concerned that work had made it impossible for me to go to A&E when I took the overdose at the beginning of December. He just said I should stop blaming work for my problems and take responsibility for my illness (That's me told) he then went out to lecture me about Samaritans phone lines etc, like it was something new. His parting words were 'shall I tell you what I suggest....... you give up work and go on incapacity benefits'. I wonder what the government and the benefits office would have to say about that suggestion. I also told him the no sickness at all in X amount of months is not realistic if I am to try new meds in the future. He really is a 'xxxxxxx'
Anyway, my disciplinary has been postponed until next friday so I will see if I am able to keep my job for now. I am not letting one supposed nurse who is up the arse of the company bring me down. I am in a happy, happy place and intend to stay here.

On that note, still dancing, and on recommendation of Mandy here is new track. I have not heard it before. Although Lola 'your free to do what you want to do' has also been on my playlist today.

HOPE everyone is having a Good weekend, I feel a bit guilty feeling so good as I know there is ying to each yang and someone is struggling, hope its only temporary.


Lola Snow said...

OK - songs for your happy playlist, which have been on mine too:

Get Up (everybody) - Byron Stingly
I believe - Happy Clappers
Groove is in the heart - Deee-lite

Now if you'll excuse me, I am off to dance around my bedroom

Lola x

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Really inspirational words from your OC (who was busy looking for wisdom up their own anus at the time..which in itself (the managing to look up their own anus part) was quite an achievement.

And quite possibly there is more going on up there than in their brain!


colouredmind said...

Hope your disiplianry goes well next week. My happy song is Tritian by Patrick Wolf, or Magic Position by Partick Wolf, it gets me smiling and singing every time. Hannah X