Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been awake for over 68 hours now. No sleep at all for the last three days not even a nap and rapidly approaching day four. Last time I got to day four I became quite unwell.

I have dull headache and keeps seeing things floating mostly spots but I did see a bird in the house, and things are quite warped and far away. Maybe its the lack of sleep or the Seroquel withdrawal. I will have to chase the CMHT tommorow but my concern is I will now have to start the getting used to the meds from day one again and if this is what withdrawal after nearly two weeks is like then what will it be like if I took it for longer.

I could see my GP but they will refer me back to CMHT
I haven't contacted them because
a) I don't know who I'm supposed to talk to
b) I'm worried they will use being off meds and recent effects to try and section me again.

This weekend my partner and I are supposed to be going to Stratford upon Avon for weekend on own. It's booked, but I don't think I will have the energy or concentration to drive. And what will I do if I can't sleep in the hotel room, with no net or other things to occupy?

I just feel like I'm floating now, maybe I'll float somewhere nice and rest there a while

EDIT: Rang CMHT they are supposed to be coming round with my medication today. However, I am just about to leave for an Occy helath appointment at work. I would be worried if I felt alive enough for emotions.


Abysmal Musings said...

Hoping very sincerely you get some rest, even if it isn't sleep. Take care, D x

Hannah said...

You poor thing, sounds like you really need some proper attention right now, perhaps your doc could prescribe something to help with the withdrawal symptoms, I've heard small amounts of an anti-d can sometimes alleviate the worst of it?
I hope you can get in touch with your support network, it must be hideous trying to cope.

Best wishes

Hann xxx

La-reve said...

Thanks to you both. Why are we still awake?

La-reve said...

(72 hours)

Lola Snow said...

Lareve I really think you should contact your GP and get an emergency referral to the CMHT. Sleep deprivation is going to make things get more and more complicated for you. But worried matey, hope you are ok.

Lola x

Carol Brook said...

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