Thursday, February 12, 2009

Acute care or no care

Two weeks ago today my consultant psychiatrist made the decision to try and section me or put nicer (I needed a full mental health act assesment as I would not go into hospital voluntarily) - The result was I was coerced into taking medication in order to stay in the community as I was 'very unwell' (their words) and needed emergency intervention.

I took their meds, which were to be brought to my house as and when needed for fear of me getting a little happy with the dosage. Anyway I ran out of them tuesday and despite me telling them I would need new meds yesterday at latest and a promise this would be sent to my new Care co-ordinator and meds would be with me before wednesday . I am med-less.

I did not have an official handover to Care Co-ordinator due to her being off sick last week and I have no idea when I am supposed to have a review with the psychiatrist next. In fact the only contact I have had with the CMHT since my assesment has been when I went down to the centre off my own back myself last week to see old CC. I'm starting to think I won't get a new CC.

I am confused. If I was so ill that I was considered to possibly need compulsary detention then where is the follow up? True I had a visit from crisis for two days immediately after but that was as useful as a chocolate fireguard. It's not that I consider myself ill, or that I want any intervention, but I am confused at the lack of consistency in my care. It seems to be acute care or no care. If meds were so important to keep me on, then where are they? It will be my third night without them tonight. I haven't slept in nearly 50 hours and I don't see the point in weaning myself back on them now. And then they wonder why I want to discharge myself.


Mandy said...

Going to post a crass response here in sounds like the same old story in regards to the sudden disappearance of MH teams when the pressure is off them.

could it be those old chestnuts "Lack of resources and bureaucracy?" or the slightly more contraversial "Can't be arsed approach to patients"

I don't blame you for having no faith....that is why I run things by my MP. I know MH services wouldn't be helping Dad or me without the fact he is loitering in the background, somewhere.

Is terrible that has to be the case because services should be there when needed, not prodded up the jacksie and for those who aren't able to correspond with MPs or have an advocate, the negligence must be pretty bad.

You could ring your local community team office to see what is going on but the owness is always on the patient to do the running..and that can be a real drag.


La-reve said...

I know but I don't like to bother them always feel like I am asking for too much or they are too busy to deal with my stuff

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ineptitude and poor case management in the NHS Mental health Service, that really is a surprise. Sorry Lareve, I know my sarcasm doesn't help you. Mandy's comment is true, remember you deserve this help. If this was a physical illness would you feel guilty about requesting the service they have insisted on providing for you?

Lola x

Abysmal Musings said...

Yes... why is it left up to the ill person, every blooming time? Don't get me started on CMHS. A right shower. God it just makes me angry.

I hope you feel better soon.

La-reve said...

Lola and Abysmal Musings. - I don't have the energy to ask. I don't know if my new CC is there or even if she if I actualy have one as had no contact. sure I will be reprimanded for not taking my meds, despite them not being here.

Disillusioned said...

Agree with Mandy. I have found myself so much better mentally WITHOUT the "input" of mental health services. My GP does a far better job of reviewing my meds than a psychiatrist I saw every 3 months could possibly do, and the counsellor I pay for shows far more care and continuity than BLPT CMHT staff did.
I would, however, register the lack of care with a single email to the PALS service. Probably won't achieve anything but at least you will have a record that you tried to get support but it was not provided.
Can you see your GP for the meds?