Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arrested Again

Well there are a lot of posts I need to write about, about what has been going off last week or so but I will start with the here and now.

Was arrested again yesterday on a Section 136 for going back to the car park. Spent 6hours in a police cell and had a MHA Act assesment. Was told I was safe to be released into the community, at which point I was just told to leave the police station at 11pm. I left there and went home. But got into a big dispute there as my partner told my mum about the car park incident and about what has going on with me for last year nearly. She tried to physically restrain me from going out in my car. Quite bruised now.

I went out and went to visit my friend. And at 1am there was a knock on the door it was the police . they had received several calls to say that I had been to the car park again?? not sure who is making these calls or why. I was told ot go home but wouldn't so they told me to stay with my friend. When the police had gone I got into my car and drove off but they were following. I got pulled over for erractic driving going through red lights and making u turns. and made to go to A and E . I refused and was arrested on a Section 136 again. I got taken to see the Crisis team at the hospital. However, they didn't want to see me as I was already deemed fit under MHA Act. They did eventually come down. And although they were concerned that I was still having these thoughts about being invincible they let me go. They said I prob shouldn't drive but it was up to me.

I then decided to go to the airport so I drove the 40 minute drive and parked up I went to the desk to try and buy a ticket for Athens but I realised didn't have my passport so I eventually went home at 6am.

I have spent today locked in my room. I don't trust anyone anymore. I think they all want me sectioned I have spoken to crisis today who say it is me who is putting myself in this position. But when I was arrested yesterday I had already come down from the car park and had no intention of jumping. If it wan't for my little boy I would run away and never come back. I think I will go for a drive now. Will hopefully be able to post about time on ward soon. If I'm not put back there.


Anonymous said...

Oh La-reve, sounds like you have a shed load going on at the moment. I don't really know what to say, other than please try to stay safe. We all care about you a great deal, and hope things start going a bit better soon.

Lola x

Abysmal Musings said...

Ye poor thing ye. My heart really goes out. Take care please my dear. Your crisis team sounds like shite. If you and your boy want a breathing space out in the sticks, give us a call. Yeah - it's a serious offer. Take care and atb D x

Nessa said...

Why were you trying to go to Athens?

La-reve said...

Thanks I hope things get better not sure they can get worse anyway.

Thanks for the offer but I don;t trust leaving th house at the moment let alone any further. Crisis are what they are a few good workers but many who don't want the stress and workload

Nessa- I donlt know because Athens happened to be the next available flight and had the impulse to get away,

Mandy said...

Are you still about Lareve?

In some ways hope you are home and safe but if you are back in the ward (hopefully not been locked up in a police cell again)..hoping this time you can get a level and sustain it

La-reve said...

Yes Mandy, am here as in alive and in the community. I ams truggling to know what to blog about there is so much and also I think people are using this blog to assess me and to poss put me back on ward

sarah said...

You're not just another voice in crowd. Your voice is strong. I was where you are. The crazy dance. The drugs, the cutting, the throwing up, jail, psych wards, suicide attempts. Keep writing. I'm routing for you. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been having a horrible time, I really hope that things get easier for you. Hannah X

Polar Bear said...

Sending you HUGS.

I hope you are OK.

Jessica said...

Hi Lareve,

I miss having you around. I hope you are ok. It may not be much but I'm rooting for you here.

Hugs and please be safe.

sarah said...

Hey, check out my blog. Maybe it can offer you some hope and support. Been where you are.