Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reality check

Went to hospital for another meeting to see if I could be discharged yesterday. they were concerned I'd come off meds (I was honest) Anyway short answer is they are keeping me on extended leave to have another appointment next week. They thinkI am a little high and are concerned where this is heading.

Something the doctor said to me hit home he said I have to realise I have a serious mental illness that has already nearly killed me and am yet untreated fully. I have a young child to take care of and the stakes are pretty high. Now its not that I didn;t realise this myself but being told you nearly died is harsh reality check. They said if I didn't take meds and continued to get high would be brought back into hospital.

And so I am back on my meds and got some sleep last night. I don't want to be back on that ward, it would kill me. care co rang today and had visit from co worker but was at hospy picking up meds. I am also seeing crisis over weekend so being kept close eye on still. I donlt think this is neccesary but I suppose I should be grateful for the support. Going to do some more posting about the ward soon.

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eccedentesiat said...

I'm glad you're back on meds and was given a reality check. Sometimes it's hard to see what should be done. Hope you have a good weekend. Take care x