Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a psychiatric ward really looks like

On leave again, I don't need to go back to the ward until tommorow another night here so next post forthcoming.

I was on ward A43 of the Queens Medical centre nottingham. A 22 bed mixed ward I was initially given a room in the womens only area a section blocked off by a coded door from the 2 male and 1 female dorms plus single rooms on the rest of the ward. However I decided one evening to climb the racking in my room and wedge myself between the ceiling and top of the room divide a gap of about 70cm. And got stuck. Came down by launching myself offf and hurting myself and so got moved to the female dorm nearer the staff office for closer obs. Anyway I thought it would be interesting for those who have never seen or been in a psychiatric ward for me describe my experience.

The ward was a bit like a student halls except cutlery was locked away all dangerous goods removed including belts and laces and all the mugs for drinks were off the scuffed plastic variety., Like I say it was a mixed ward which posed a problem when you have men exposing themselves to you or coming on to you on a regular basis, or not a problem depending on your inclination. The atmosphere on the ward was tense to say the least as you never knew who would kick off next or what they would do , it was an assesment ward so people were as unpredictable as mental illness is. One minute it would be quiet the next someone would be restrained and injected with varying drugs. I didn't mind the atmosphere too much as I was caught up in my own little world of watching and finding everything amusing and other times of screaming that it was an injustice to be there and I have to admit to being the person kicking off on at least 6/7 occasions.

Anyway back to styling here are some pics which you may find interesting, I think on the whole it was better than most would expect and better than I had expected , some sort of asylum type set up I think, enjoy:

Corridors I endlessly paced:

Dining area

Tea making facilities/kitchen:

Dorm space:


eccedentesiat said...

Wow, your ward looks so much better than the ones I've visited...not that that matters really but thought I'd point it out.

Anywhoo, just hoping you're okay and are going to be okay lovely.

Take care x

werehorse said...

Oh that brings back memories - didn't realise you were so close to me - A43 is where I spent Christmas!

La-reve said...

Eccedentesiat- Yhink ward could be lot worse I am in a good part of country for ward standard I think.

Werehorse- Really, strange that now a42 is assesment ward. makes sense what i've read on your blog about crisis team here now.

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Loving the bowls of fruit on the dining room tables. Never come across that before, in acute stay.

The table tennis table could be ogligatory for all units...as in I've always seem one of them when I've been an in-patient (although it was rarely used). Is familiar to me as are the corridors that are most used for pacing up and down.

Glad you got some extended leave.

Catch up soon xx

Nick said...

Heh they had table tennis at the in-patient ward at Lincoln too. I was only a temporary visitor there though.

I hope you are coping ok Lareve, get in touch if you want to talk or just rant :)

Anonymous said...

Real strange blast from the past looking at this - I spent two months there in 2007. The only differences I note are the table tennis table and fruit on the dining tables (prime missile fodder!) Unly started looking because of the recent inquest. I legged it for two days from a smoking break! If you really want to kill yourself you can.

Anonymous said...

This post was. So long ago.I have been in there 3 times over the last year. A few things are different now, a43 is now all female. The kitchen is different but everything else seems to be the same.

Anonymous said...

I really miss this ward, the staff was so nice. If only i could turn back time and spend every moment getting to know the patients. It felt like my home. And i cant believe it had shut down.
Such beautiful people. If i could go back i have would thank you for looking and taking care of me. And thank you to the patience in that place.
Hope you are all well.jade, glen, nicola, jennifer,george geoff samuel and jason, guy, christopher, and all the lovely patience i had come across. In loving memories of qmc