Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Waiting out the end of the year

Back on meds(when remember) and things a little calmer now. CC made appointment with shrink tommorow not sure to what ends but guess will see. Just waiting out the end of the year really it's not been a good one

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WillSpirit said...

It is good that you got back on the medicationss, since it sounded like you were having a rough time. I haven't commented before, but I know that icky feeling of not wanting the drugs, but feeling forced to take them because of deteriorating mental condition. I keep working on reduction, but I have to go very slowly. I am putting my taper on hold for the winter, since it's a hard time for me, always. I plan to cut back on drugs and dosages more in the spring. But I try not to look at my need to sometimes go back on (some) drugs as a failure. I am taking a gentle stroll toward freedom. Sometimes I have to walk one step back if I run too many forward. But the goal is always to be more and more satisfied with my life, and always take better and better care of my body. There is no moral imperative that says drugs are evil, in my mind. There is just a desire to be free.