Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Nightmare

Well went up to increased dosage of Trifluperazine on Thursday from 2mg to 5mg twice daily. Everything was going fine until about 5pm on friday when suddenly I was finding it very difficult to talk I was slurring. My tongue was swollen. I rang up NHS Direct and they told me to take an Antihistamine, and if it didn't go down go to A & E. Well I gave it about two hours and by 7 o clock my tongue was that swollen I could no longer talk, I couldn't even hold it in my mouth. So I went up to the hospital.

I was expecting to wait around to be told that I had to wait it out. But as soon as I got to the desk I was whisked off to resuscitation on a gernie. I was put on a drip hooked up to about four machines and an ECG. They said they were quite worried as could be a life threateneing reaction. They said they would monitor me for an hour or so and see if I could go home or not if went down. Then my jaw began to lock and I was in a lot of pain. After an hour and a half my tongue had gone down enough and I was allowed home but I still couldn't talk. I had to take sleeping pills to sleep that night.

The doctors said that the likelihood was it was a serious reaction to the Trifluperazine. So I have not dared to take anymore since friday. I will ring my CC tommorow. I am so angry becuase I didn't want to change meds in the first place. And now I have had no meds for few days. Feeling ok at the moment though. Damn Shrinks.


Anonymous said...

Horrible meds and horrible med changers. Glad you've deswollen x

La-reve said...

Thanks Em. me too.

David said...

Fuck - sounds horrible. Hope you're feeling better. Dx

Jessica said...

shit! i hope you are better now. drug reactions are the worst EVER!

pls take care.


Anonymous said...

shit, that sucks. I think you made the right choice not taking them again.

Take care,

Mandy said...

Side effects...pants pants pants

One day they will create a med (possibly even a couple) that doesn't fekk the fekk out of people but not yet.

Hugs xxx