Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well I got a home visit today from the shrink that was filling in for usual one I see. They agreed I had a severe reaction to the Trifluperazine. She Said she will not allow me back onto Depakote.

The options I was giving was Olanzapine or Chlorpromazine. Well I have have heard bad things about the weight gain particularly of Olanzapine. So I reluctantly agreed to try Chlorpromazine, at least until I see usual shrink in two weeks. Took first dose just now. Am aprehensive after what happened on last change, but was given little choice. Sick of these changes really. If this doesn;t work may give up on meds as had enough of it all.

On Positive put tree up tonight nice pretty lights!


David said...

I hope it works out a damned site better than the last one. Just a thought - (and forgive me if you are trying to get pregnant) if the depakote was working, is there no way to take a contraceptive pill at the same time if that's what it takes to convince them? (I mean, you don't have to swallow the damn things if you don't want to).

Goodness, the tree already? We're awful, - correction - I'm awful - despite the clamour of the kids I tell them it's not traditional until at least just a week before christmas, (but usually crack and get one in a few days earlier, although it's always the case that they are either too tall or too short by then.) So I usually end up buying the biggest and then sawing the base off or knocking a hole in the ceiling so the wee graceful angel can fit on.

Take care me dear, Dx

trio said...

Hope this one works well for you.

Tree up, do we get a pretty picture? We're having discussions at home I think the tree goes up on the 24th, A wants this weekend. I think I am going to lose!

La-reve said...

Well David
I am not planning on having anymore children yet. They said they don;t trust me to take pill everyday they only gave me option to have coil and I have heard some horror story. Feel They wouls rather have me sterialised. Mentals shouldn;t procreate.

I will try for a picture. I love having tree up, makes me feel cosy.