Monday, January 11, 2010


Well I had a lovely birthday. Boyfriend really spoiled me. Went out for nice meal, some drinks. Then stayed at local Hilton and had a fab breakfast the next day. I got some lovely flowers, nice presents and some money which I have bought myself a new Radley bag with.

So I'm 28 and still feeling positive. I have been thinking about what I want from this year. I think I may do some studying from Septmeber, maybe go to uni again. I need to do something as my brain is turning to mush being at home. However, I know I can't handle a job right now as it would be too much stress on me. Going to sort things out with CC and make some applications.

Snow is pretty thick outside which is causing me to stay in even more that usual. This is not good. So tommorow, unless snow gets coniderably worse I am going to get out of the house, I have been in for last three days and know how easy it is to turn that into weeks.

A quote I am trying to live by:


Differently Sane said...

Glad you had a good birthday and that you're feeling positive.

I love Radley bags, and I'm not a handbag person.

Uni sounds like a plan. Have you had any thoughts on what you'd like to study (yes I'm nosy).

Take care,

La-reve said...

thanks differently

I am thinking of three courses. I have law degree so either post graduate course leading to being a solicitor, or total carear change to MH Nursing or social work.

sarah said...

my dgt's just bought me a magnet with this saying. Love it.