Friday, March 26, 2010

Bipolar Research study

So I took part in that study this week the one a lot of bloggers have done. The University of Cardiff/Birmingham one. I applied for research on a whim/impulse just as I often do things.

Therefore I regretted it once tuesday came around and mood was lower. If it wasn't for knowing she was driving the hour and half from Birmingham to see me I wouldn't have answered the door.

Anyway went well. she was here about an hour and half. She was really nice. Although she asked about episodes, hospital, suicide attempts, psychosis I didn't have to go into a lot of detail and it felt less intrusive than your average psychiatric assesment. She took my blood which she did well considering I normally need canula in hand.

They have 4000 volunteers and need 2000 more. I'm not sure if this research will help future sufferers but better and more extensive research can't hurt. Even if it only proves that the illness is too varied to have any real patterns.

Anyway I wasn't doing aything else with that hour and half so there you go - an unselfish act - I can sit back smuggly( as I look at unacomplished tasks of week)

P.S- for anyone who looks this up I do not wish to be affiliated with either Stephen Fry or Kerry Katona despite them having taken part in said study, which quite put me off participating - (so called Bipolar celebs!)


Kate said...

Good on yer! I've considered it too. You may have persuaded me.

David said...

Ah, you've put my mind at rest. They're supposed to be paying me a visit some time in the next couple of months. :-)

p.s. I love your p.s.

Alison said...

They are coming to see me on Thursday.... :)

lonelywallflower said...

I just stumbled upon your blog... I might be bipolar as well... So that is why I am reading up on many blogs and I wanted to comment on yours. I am still on a waiting list to receive help, so well, let's browse through blogs in the mean time.

I am glad that the "interview" went better than you thought in the first place. I hope that this study will help to shed a light on this illness.

I wanted to ask you, if you'd mind if I added your link to my interesting blog links?

Take care,