Thursday, March 25, 2010

ESA appeal DWP rant

Ok WARNING- I am not happy and ranting post:

It has been over 7 weeks - 51 days since The ESA place got my appeal. I have sent them my CPA. Letter from CC. Letter from mum. 4 page appeal detailing where points should have been socred. DLA award letter. And I have a welfare advisor writing and chasing and still heard nothing from them.

So I decided to ring today. I was told at my work focused interview they have to tell me if I am going to appeal or not in 62 days. So I figured by end of next week.

Anyway advisor said they have returned medical to ATOS for review on 15th March and that I may have to have another meeting with same clueless doctor I saw last time. The doctor that thought Valproate and Quetiapine were antidepressants in her report. The doctor that decided I had mild depression after 20 minute interview when it took 4 consultant psychiatrist to diagnose bipolar. I just can't take this anymore.

Also no clue as to when I will hear whether go to appeal or not. Could be few more months I heard.

I am going to refuse to see anymore ATOS doctors - why is there decision so important when I have psychiatric reports for last two years and have seen services weekly since then. Surely my REAL medical reports should be taken into account.

I am angry. Angry is good. But angry is often followed by despair and destructive coping mechanisms etc,etc,

On top of things I am starting to see things. I saw ghosts in my house last night. they were talking . It is the first time I have been scared by hallucinations. I had to go outsde for a bit. they were gone when I got in. I know they weren't really there so I can't be psychotic can I??. But please stay away tonight


David said...

Hi La reve, hang in there.

On the plus side, they only said you 'may' have to have another meeting. It is quite possible you won't have to.

Also, if you do have to see them, and you refuse, then the bastards win. Can you take CC with you? Or get someone from CAB?

Hope the phantoms give you some peace. It's good you know they're not there.

Quite right to be angry, who wouldn't be? I'm angry too.

Ok, deep breaths. Take care, Dx

la said...

You have to stop thinking like a reasonable human being, La Reve!!!

In this game, they set the rules. The rules are crazy, but that's what they play by. If you refuse to play, you are guaranteed to lose.

You need someone who knows their rules and how to maneuver. I wish you'd let someone from CAB take over your case and find out *exactly* what is happening for you and how to proceed. Atm it all seems rather vague and that's no good.

Fingers crossed. Hope for the best. And a plague on their office blocks.

Kate said...

I wish I could tell you what's going on/gone badly wrong here but I'm afraid I can't. We've have clients who've been messed about by this system but not as badly as this. I sometimes think they fuck thindgs up on purpose. When I got my details sent back to me, not only were there 6 outrageous mistakes, they'd put my 'illness' down as 'depression' when I'd quite explicitly told them it was bipolar
All I can say is that I hope you/your rep makes one big fucking complaint about this.
Re. seeing ghosts. I get this now and again, usually when I'm stressed or mixed up. I know they're not 'real' in the rational sense of the word but I try not to fear them. Just accept them, 'befriend' them if you can or, if they're malevolant tell them to fuck-off.It's probably best not to tell the proffessionals about them however since that would be interpreted as psychotic. It's no more 'psychotic' than those 'spiritual mediums' or people who believe in fairies or the devil.Just because we have an 'illness' means it goes doen as another symptom. If they can't bugger off then I hope they stop argueing and shush you to sleep instead

Jessica said...

Hi La-reve,

I get the "ghost" vision not very often but once in awhile. Have been seeing things from the peripheral of my eyes or when I get up to go to the toilet etc and I scare myself.

I think it's my mind playing tricks on me. when i feel "floaty"..

Take care.