Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got ESA appeal Decision

Well I got letter from Jobcentre

Atos have reconsidered my medical,

They have awarded me 24 points based on 3 categories

They have put me in work related category,

I am happy, but can't help thinking that I have been fobbed off a bit. In that the welfare advisor and CC and what I have read I should be in support group really. Also I should be awarded points in more than 3 categories

I think they knew that if I went to appeal I would be put in support group and therefore less money to agree to work related now. I have already completed 4 of the 5 interviews but find them very hard going.

I could continue appeal and ask for support element which would mean more money. Also I don't quite understand but do you get some sort of enhanced disability element if in support?

-P.S- this is 200th post. hurray!!


Anonymous said...

1). Appeal if you have the energy. Get someone to go with you e.g. an advice worker
2) If you're put in the support group, you automatically get the ED premium. It's about another 13-14 quid so worth a shot at appeal.
3). As you no doubt know, they leave you alone if you're in the support group. No more WF interviews
4) Because you live with a partner, you're not entitled to the severe disability premium (awarded with MR care) but if you have someone caring for you (e.g. your mum) for at least 35 hours a week, they might be entitled to carer's premium (because of DLA), although this is means tested and subject to any other income they might have.

Glad you've at least got something anyway. Hope it's taken some stress off your mind. Now you can concentrate more on geting better and on future plans.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any further advice. I don't always get it right off the top of my head but can always double check at work.

David said...

I was going to say something encouraging but useless, but waited until someone said something encouraging and useful, because I knew they would. Now I'll just say: good news, and don't let the bastards off the hook while you're on a roll. You can do it.


Pandora said...

I was put in the work category too despite clearly fitting the criteria for the support group. I got really mad and threatened them and quoted legislation and whatnot. The problem is they're too incompetent to adequately comprehend the legislation by which they are bound and under which they are assessing people.

Went to CAB to appeal it. CAB come with you to the tribunal. ESA people acknowledged appeal, and said that because ESA is new, I'd be the first person in NI to appeal the group allocation. To that end, apparently, it could be up to six months before the appeal came up.

That was in July. FAIL!

Anyway, I'm sure you're perfectly familiar with their incompetence. You are, in my view, absolutely entitled to be in the support group, so sod 'em - appeal it. I may have said this before but I thoroughly recommend Citizens' Advice through the process. They're fab.

Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

I would appeal if you feel up to it, contact your local Welfare Rights... I am using them now to appeal over an IS Tribunal Appeal I have coming up soon about a backdate I have found them really helpful, they have basically taken over the case and paperwork for me. You should find a number for your local Welfare Rights through your local council.

La-reve said...

Thanks for the comments,

Welfare rights advisor thinksI should appeal, so I am. She is going to do paperwork and represent me and therefore I have nothing to loseI don't really care about the extra money but in more people appealing hopefully this crappy new benefit will change.

Thanks for the support everyone :)

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Have absolutely nothing of any practical use to write in regards to appeal.

I find all bureaucracies too messy to deal with... am desperately seeking Susan (actually help of my own) to deal with the various ones I am being either bombarded or bullshitted by.

Having taken tentative step which then led to full on belly flop into blogland, wanted to touch base here.

Warm hugs and only bit of advise I would say is worth giving is not to deal with any bureaucracy by yourself. Seek help (which can be a nightmare in its own right..people often verbally supportive but not physically able or willing to be there..such is life and I am myself in that category..am barely able to be there/here for myself)

Thinking of you xx