Friday, July 9, 2010

FRIDAY - Not assessed - Discharged.!

I hate Fridays. I always get crapped on- on fridays, assessed, admitted into hospital. forced with crisis...anyway..

I finally got what I've been requesting for a while

Discharge from Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) Nottingham (my CMHT)

CC came round today with a co-worker. Asked what I wanted from them. I explained after having first CC of theirs seriously breach confidentiality and then refuse to wor with me leaving me with no support. New CC being quite agressive in attitude and calling me a liar and then Crisis team worker coming round drunk and sending him back to me again for assesment last week. I don't expect or want anything. I attend to sever all ties.

They said they will discuss this in team meeting but I can be discharged back to my GP and get Lithium and blood tests from them. Which I agreed. I do feel a little shaky knowing I want have a point of call. But they don't actually do anything but threaten hospital or assess me. They merely monitor me until they feel they need to take action. If I get really bad there is always AnE or GP though not sure how likely I will to access those, probably as likely I am to ring CC so no loss really.

They have left me with Lithium which supposed to start tonight and sleeping tablets for a week. (I will miss those the most as quite dependant)



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your discharge! It sounds like you are comfortable with this and that you have a plan to reach out to people if you need help. That's great!

Wishing you well,

Stacy said...

Probably a good plan since having them in your life seems to being causing you more stress than anything.

Anonymous said...

The officious all or nothing approach of your local services is typical within the tyrannical psychiatric industry , they wont meet people experiencing distress in the space they are in even with all the pompous bulshit 'Crisis Team' window dressing and the use of discharge and withdrawing all help as a way of punishing people is currently the subject of a formal complaint to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Stay as well as you can .