Wednesday, July 7, 2010

London and Royalism

Ok got home very late last night. Had a hectic day.

Wandering and walking and getting lost round London

I walked so far, my legs hurt today. I was a bit wired. I tried to jump in fountain in Trafalgar Square but got told off by Metropolitan police. I'm sure I'm not the first to do that. Is it really a crime?

Went on Thames boat ride, which was nice.

I decided to visit Tower of London, becuase I've never been before. I so wish I hadn't. I had a similar experience to Buckingham Palace. That is outrage at sheer waste of money and pomposity. I saw crown jewels. A crown for each monarch and several for last two. I mean how many crowns does the queen need? she only has one head. and why does each monarch need their own crown? couldn't it be handed down or something.

It makes me mad really, because, the counrty is in huge debt and people on benefits and low/middle incomes are being hit hard and there is the queen (who does what?) with billions of pounds worth of jewels. What a waste. I felt like smashing those stupid displays. But got moved on by beefeater instead. I am actually more angry with myself for paying 17 quid to see that display of capitalism. 17 quid I didn't really have or would have been much better given to charity.

Anyway. I am very,very tired having worn myself out. I couldn't find anywhere to stay in London so came home. I have taken several clonazepam to calm myself today and hopefully will get some sleep.


Bippidee said...

Maybe they each get their own crown because they all have different size heads? For example there was that child king - he couldn't have shared a crown with Henry VIII. Although it might have been good comedy value. I don't know. I don't get too upset about the royal family. They do cost quite a lot, but I think they bring in even more in tourism. I get far more angry with stupid things like banker bonuses and civil servants getting 6 years redundancy pay and MPs horrendously high expenses etc - stuff that will only benefit the individual.

There is 1 female Beefeater. And they all live inside the Tower of London. That would be pretty cool.

La-reve said...

Yeah. I get that they all have different sized heads but could alter it or melt them down. No way tourism to see those crowns brings in the amount they could be sold for.

Still like you say there are worse things than royals. Don't make it right to see how privelaged few live for doing nothing more than being born.

Not sure I'd like to live in Tower of London. In fact given my instability in would be downright unsafe. :) But pretty cool to go to give as ur address. Can just see nurses face at AnE if I said tower of London asmy address. Though I guess they would just think I was delusional(given history)

NOS said...

"I mean how many crowns does the queen need? she only has one head." HAHA! Agreed.

Good luck with the sleep!

Wishing you well,

Olly Cromwell said...

More like Feudalism than Capitalism but we probably could knock a nought or two of the national debt if we flogged the Crown Jewels to the highest bidder , nationalised Bessie's bank account and packed the family Windsor off to Slough to live within their means on a state pension topped up by Phil's non-means tested DLA which he's obviously entitled to due to his severe and enduring mental health problems.

Glad you enjoyed your day out.