Friday, July 2, 2010

SURPRISE - you're being ASSESSED..again

A Funny old week its been. I have started to see someone, someone speaking to me from my T.V. He tells me I am not ill, that I shouldn't take my meds they are poisoning me that I have special powers - I can't die and they want me to be one of their textbook zombies. ha

Anyway CC came round yesterday and I let on. Some of these ideas. Also I got hit by a car on tuesday. Only knocked me off my feet. I saw it but I did't think it mattered, green cross code- ha - thats for the mere mortals..ha...ha....ha.

Anyway I did agree to start Lithium. Mainly because I have 2 options here. 1. Take Lithium and live at home 2. Don't agree and be taken to hospital and FORCED to take Lithium - Lets call it the Lithy conundrum..

Anyway guy from CMHT supposed to drop it off at 2.15. But he accidently put ' we will be round at 2.15' which sent alarm bells ringing. 'warning, warning. MHA .. warning. Do not leave the house.. do not act crazy, put away that machete and for god sake put some clothes on woman (joke)'

Well suspision was proven. At 2.15 I was met on doorstep, by Shrink, GP, AMP, Crisis team worker (same one that came drunk before- did seem sober this time) , guy from CMHT and a partridge in a pear tree. Well not the partridge sadly.

Anyway, my 8th Assesment in 18month and I'm a bit of a pro now. Did try and be honest but also guarded with my answers. Yes, I'm ill...I just want to be better... I'm just tired...etc..etc..

Anyway result- Is no section,despite Shrink dissapointment who knew I was putting on an act. Which was all very well as I am extremeley fidgety and was hard sitting still for so long. especially when face was at my window telling me what to say. But control,lots of and a mad dance/music/dash before they arrived to expell some energy.

I had to promise to take Lithium which they have left, and see Crisis over weekend. Yawn..but you know well I kinda have to take it don't I cos blood test next week. and I think that little white packet is having the last laugh...DAMN it. Signing off ..x


NOS said...

Whoa. It's certainly been an eventful week for you. Are you okay from getting hit by a car? Are you in pain?

I think you made a good choice with the Lithium. Going to the hospital is NO FUN. It may suck having to take meds sometimes but it's so much better than having all of your choices taken away at the hospital.

I hope all is well. Good luck with the Lithium!

Wishing you well,

La-reve said...


No I'm not in pain just bruised was going slowly and small car luckily.

Yes- I am backed into a corner but better to be out of hospital and taking the meds myself than injected.

Hope you are well