Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok need to write this while it is no where near the 8th so will be taken more seriously.

But things are starting to get a bit better I think slowly

I am still under Crisis team they see me every night to watch me take pills.3000 mg valproate 150 Lamotrigine. Its not ideal but its better than hospital,

I got through the 14 day suspended sentence - (medical recommendations for section),
although they still think maybe hospital is right they are working with me.

I feel think are heading a little better, I feel hopeful (which dont want to Jinx as said before)

I am not out of the black hole but there is a tiny keyhole which I can peek through momentarily.

Just want to stay out of hospital. Just want to be better.


Pandora said...

Aww , lovely, I really, really do hope that things are looking up. I hate that things have been so unquantifiably shit lately. You deserve so much better.

Take care <3 xxxxx

butterflywings said...

I'm so glad things are a bit better xxx

Mental101 said...


I just wanted to say I have read all your blog today. It's been really interesting. I live in the same city as you. I have been to the same places to try and kill myself. I even got paranoid thinking I had dissociative whatever as is quite similar at times and thought it was me know like fight club style. Anyway. It's been interesting reading your blog as I have been told I am heading for hospital by someone in DPM, he's actually quite nice but not sure how much of it he is saying to scare me and how much could be true. It's been interesting reading you blog as I have also worked as a HCA (agency) on the wards you have been on, although it wont have been at the same time. Anyway. Thanks. xxxx

La-reve said...

Pandora and Buteflywings thanks it is small steps fo now. x

Mental 101= The whole of my blog. Wow nearly 3 years. Oh good to hear from a Nottm person. DPM they would have admitted u if they wanted to by now. But anyhow waht do I know had 11 assesments and not been able to admit me. I am currently under crisis team. Take care. x

Seaneen said...

Glad to hear it, lovely. xxx

intothesystem said...

Hope things are still looking up a little. Fingers crossed the 8th will be easier next time around.

Thinking of you and take care. xx