Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The greater good.

When you know whatever you do is going to hurt people, you have to think of the greater good. Hurting the least people possible.

I take the original sin with me the evil potential...with my actions.

Don't worry I am fine ..I will be safe/fine.


Differently Sane said...

You don't sound safe or fine. I wish therefore I believed you, but I don't. I wish that your CPN or someone would see what was happening and step in to help as I feel completely helpless at the other end of a blogpost.

I'm around if you want a chat, I wish I could offer more.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

What differently said :/

La-reve said...

Thank you, both..CC did ring today told her I didnt want or need any help. She was concerned about 8 but I wont tell them anything..why would I

in fact why am I writing this, things to get in order,

Diff hope ur ok..not spoke in ages will love to fit in chat if get time and ur free.

If not both look after yourselves, til speak again.

Pandora said...

Yeah. What Diff said. Please talkto someone, lovely. You deserve better than this.

Love Pan xxx

Jen said...

Please find a way through this, think about your son. Your care team are useless, how can they know you feel this way, you are acting like this and not respond?? they are irresponsible and failing you, just stay safe please. x