Monday, August 11, 2008

Call from GP

Well sleep never arrived. Got a call from GP at 8:30 am regarding the out of date tamazapam the chemist have given me. She said she can not give me another prescription as addictive drug which is controlled but need to take back to pharmacy. She also said she had a request for another sick note for month from me. I am bewildered by this - one the GP has never rang before and secondly I haven't rang to request either a sick note or prescription. I explained this to GP but she believes in my 'state' I probably did but can't remember. This has left me somewhat confused I'm sure I didn't ring up but her persistence has left me with doubts and actually quite upset. I didn't want to be signed off, especially for another month. I don't know who is requesting this but I feel someone else is trying to make decisions which should be mine. I am very upset about this - I feel I need to take control back- not sure how yet.

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