Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is there more than one sunday in a week?

Just feels like always sunday, always end of one week and start of another.

Well don't feel as angry today I think. Went shopping this morning, bought presents for son and partner. Have spent loads on them recently, perhaps overcompensating, for my crapness? Had huge roast earlier then went for visit to mum. Mum asked me if I was a) drunk b) on drugs, because I am laughing a lot and dancing as soon as hear nay music. Although new dance CD is addictive. I don't really ever drink and have never taken drugs other than the crap prescribed to me. My mum thinks I've digressed back into teenagehood with recent behaviour. But I was a very sober teenager so not digression.

This week am seeing Shrink, not sure why really as no intention of starting any new meds but think they want to do another assesment on me. Also got CBT same day-wednesday, and Care co-ordinator tommorow, return to work thurs so busy week ahead. Hope anger curbs as screaming down phone at clients will not go down well at work.


Mandy said...

Hallo honey

Just checking in. Gather, from my blog, that things weren't all hunky dory with CC meeting.

Hope it hasn't put you on a downer and made you too down to post.

Am on end of e:mail


La-reve said...

No Mandy just not got a lot to write about and can;t write about cc as she comes here I think