Thursday, September 25, 2008

Labelling - No help to anyone

I have been thinking on the topic of Mental Health and Labelling re:diagnosis. Is it helpful to be given a label? If it results in treatment then maybe but it seems you are thrown a label and then then given a list of meds the GMC have deemed appropriate for your particular label. Wouldn#t it be better to just treat the symptoms as opposed to the illness- e.g if insomnia a problem prescribe sleeping aid, if anxiety then a sedative or anti-stimulant if depressed then anti-depressant and if psychotic then anti-psychotic. Or is this too simple? I would like to do away with these labels. Particularly when they are swapped and changed the minute you have any new syptoms. Either that or we could all walk round with a small white board on forehead which they could erase and re-write when a particular trend, or diagnosis suited.


La-reve said...

Can't sleep, at mo am making bannana bread again. Think if I had a whiteboard on my head at moment I would write restless and confused

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Banana Bread....I love the smell of it as well as the taste.

Hope you manage to catch up on the sleep at some point.

I am with you in the labelling camp.

Perhaps what I need to do, when I see my psychiatrist, is have a list of the things (moods/feelings/states of being) that are disturbing me and say "So what can you offer me this time?"

I have never had a green tablet before. Perhaps I should try one of those. Although still thinking the blue Smartie is best bet. :>)

La-reve said...

Yep - can't see me agreeing to take any meds wednesday particularly something to 'take edge of and bring me down' as CC said. why can't they be happy I no longer depressed.
Shame you don;t live nearer would have sent you round some bannana bread seem to be making a lot of it lately - goes down nice with cuppa tho

colouredmind said...

Mmmmn banana bread that sounds yummy. Its sounds good that you are able to do such a phased return to work. Hope it all goes wel for you. Hannah X