Monday, October 20, 2008

Back at Hospital

Just come back from A and E having taken an overdose about 12:00 this lunchtime. Not wanting to sound like I am copying Seaneen or anything but this is not the first time and constant demon of mine. I took the sertraline and Zolpidem (most of them) but before could manage any more started being sick. Iller than I've ever been I couldn't stand I couldn't see aand was hallucinating I kept being sick despite the fact I hadn't ate for two days. Anyway called up CMHT who despite me saying I am overdosing no-one was available they would call back. Well they didnt. ten minutes later I rang again spoke to someone who did not offer me any support but did ring an ambulance.

On the way there in the ambulance the man who sat at back lectured me saying he hates seeing people under thirty with 'these problems' in here but bet will be seeing more of me. he also questioned scars on my arm - I just looked ashamed, never wanted ambulance in first place.

Waited hospital 6 hours, blood test etc and then duty Psych team - asked if I felt I could keep myself safe - to which I replied yes because a No would be an automatic section I think.

Now I have splitting headache, bad co-ordination and a dry mouth. Also they have now confiscated my tidy lot.


Mandy said...

Hallo Lareve

I am glad to see your posting...the fact that you are posting.

Sounds like a non comedy of errors on the part of the CMHT with ambulance chappy going for the oscar as lamest supporting actor... but that is on a par with what goes on in these parts.

My care co-ordinator is always telling me to ring an ambulance should I hit crisis. I think it is called 'delegation'!!!

Anyway not going to rant on here.

If there's any chance of getting some sleep then I would go for it, if not am about until the combo of migraine tablets and lozees kick in, which they haven't yet.


Disillusioned said...

Hugs if they are welcome.

I know it is hard.

I'm glad you are (relatively) OK - still here at any rate.

Hope the CMHT can provide something more than theoretical support over the next week or so.