Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't sleep found a Temazapam and have taken that over an hour ago and still no sleep. Have been baking just about to take bread out of oven. Wanted to go out for walk again but know if I go back to river but trying to curb that. Got work tommorow- I do an easy job for only two hours tommorow yet it stressing me out. Am dysfunctional memeber of society really.


Seratonin said...

Hope you managed some sleep.Can't believe the nerve of your colleagues being so nosey.Then again that is office mentality.Take care sweetie & I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Love Sis.

Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Honey it is far too cold to be walking near rivers!!! That is about as sensible I can be at present. :>)

If Temazepam helped then so be it. I am trying to wean down the lozzie use. Took quarter last night and quarter around midday (when I woke up). Feeling it now..power for the cause.

Shall tank up on Beecham's Powders instead.

Good luck at work tomorrow


La-reve said...

Hi Mandy and Sis
Thanks for comemnts, no sleep just trying to keep going and not stop so don;t feel tired and have so much to do anyway.

Sis- I know office is full of loads of people with nothing better to do.

Mandy- yeah is quite cold but some peace there can't find anywhere else. No sleep from Temazepam am lost cause

Mandy said...

No lost cause, Lareve

Struggling and doing what you can. As you will see from the variety of blogs created by people with mental are not alone.

Thinking of you and will be there in some kind of whacky spirit at work.

I shall whipser obletives (like some deliquant phantom) into the ear of anyone who says "So, are you alright now?"!!!! and disappear into the ether when they turn round.

Naughty Mandy!!!