Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In wasted hours of blacken tear
I think how my life has ended here
Memories like dreams now hard to recall
Its as if I don't exist at all

I used to be like you a long time since
Before the shadows fell,
I used to love and be loved
Before I unconsciously created my hell

Now there is no more light
Days and nights blend into one
Now trapped and broken
Wondering where those dreams have gone

Flooding, consuming, waking thoughts
You haunt me so I half believe
You speak the truth, was I niave?

Time has no space I can't comprehend
One thing's start and another's end
Through hazy dusk I cant see at all
The stages of my rise and fall

I long to rest and reach the light
To belong once more to day and night
And crawl from beneath this stone
I'm coming back, I'm heading home


Mandy said...

Is a strong poem, Lareve

Haven't written one in yonks but find reading other people's poems fascinating.

I bought Syliva Plath's 'Ariel' a month back. I find the poems in that touching in an out there sort of way. I mean out there because it was as if she knew she was going to die. She was a great poet. Unlike her husband. Her words really struck me...because they were from the very core of her.

Anyone can write about a stag for cheff sake but to open up the wounds and make them accessable..well that is something else.


La-reve said...

Mandy, I know what you mean Ariel is a personal fav of mine.
I sometimes find when things are hard to expalin poetry is an easy medium, and is a therapy in itself.

Mandy said...

I find lorazepam (in lots of 3) is the medium that works for me, honey

The more I live, the more I learn that I am living with the wrong set of morals, in the wrong class and deffo in the wrong bloody world.

I am going to set up a charity for ex college workers who have buckled under the strain and will give talks about how brutal employers are and how remaining in work is essential..even though I am off work myself.

Well if it is good enough for a lawyer, on sabatical, then it is bloody well good enough for me!