Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well saw shrink after waiting over an hour after time allocated. She hadn't read my notes didn't know about London and complained there was too many notes in my file. Hmm. She says I am not manic, at last someone agrees. But she also said won't prescribe Antidepressants as could elevate me further? She wants me to come back when cc can attend as she on hols today. So can talk things through and I guess so she knows picture without trawling through file. And wants me to be closely monitored still. So No meds and no trying to tell me I am something I'm not - good result I guess.

CBT waste of time- No direction to these meetings and can tell therapist is inexperienced. May quit and try online CBT thingy

Work tommorow, am stressed about this, only two hours but having to get up and into work and all the questions, looks etc will be difficult and then if i have apanic attack or lose it then what? But then I have to get over that hurdle sometime.

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