Monday, June 1, 2009

Compulsary Medication

CPN came round today concerned that I had stopped taking meds once again for two days. Short conversation was had and apparently I am slightly high based on the fact that I have 'taken more care with my appearance today'???- It's not that I'm able to function before 12 as not on anti-psychotic and can at last put on some lipgloss then.

Anyway she came back this afternoon with my CC and they gave me an ultimatum. Either I take my medication or go back to hospital. If I don't agree to go back then they will try and bring me under section 3 of the Mental Health Act.Guess which option I chose?

That's not the worst of it. Someone is going to come round every morning and night and make sure I take my medication- actually watch me swallow pills, for the next week. If I'm out or miss any, or try and get out of it, they'll bring me in. So that is me compulsary medicated from tommorow. I will enjoy the good mood whilst it is not medicated into numbness.


Abysmal Musings said...

Coercion is horrible, no matter the circumstances, in my opinion. Do you have a local advocacy service that can give you advice and support?

Big hug, wishing you strength and sending you my sympathy for next week.

D xx

Abysmal Musings said...

Nottingham Advocacy Group
848a Woodborough Rd
Nottingham, NG3 5QQ, United Kingdom
0115 910 7300‎

I don't know, maybe they can help?


Mandy said...

for some reason I have got the 'hokey cokey' going round in my head. You put your left leg in...and then you can't get the hell out again.

Hoping that makes some kind of sense in regards to 'compulsion in the system'. Objective me is thinking that maybe someday in the not too distant future, the compulsory element will disappear but don't you find that when you want the help, it ain't there and when you don't different MH peeps are in and out of your life/home/situation every five minutes? (okay... exaggeration but again hoping you get my drift)

I'd quite like the MH services to have a compulsory element to their job as in being there when people ask them to be. Meow and all that but I'm not wanting any award for being bezzie mates with the system.

Now where did I put that peanut butter filled kit kat. I wanna vote for the person who put that combo together (MEP or local councellor is alright by me) :>)


P.S. today's word verification is catter. Catter nine tails Ha!

serotonin66 said...

Cannot begin to imagine how shite that makes you feel.
Offering hugs sweetie.

Sis xxx