Monday, August 24, 2009

Mood is still low here. My partner is off work this week which means I have to pretend that everything is ok, which makes being depressed twice as hard. On positive he gets son up so I can stay in bed in morning and let the Quetiapine wear off. I got out today and took son to park which was improvement on last week when I didnt leave the house for more than five minutes.
I have decided today that I may give up on medication. The Temazepam they prescribed me doesn't work. The only thing that did work to sedate was the Lorazepam and I am not allowed that because I have taken several overdoses before Care co-ordinator has visited, although I don't remember these. In fact I don't remember much lately and my concentration is poor at best. I think this is down to either the Quetiapine or the Depakote. I know Depakote is responsible for weight gain and hair loss I am experiencing and the Quetiapine is responsible for the lethargy and loss of mornings. So I have not taken tonights dosage and will see how a few days clear will go. Watch this space.


Abysmal Musings said...

Whatever you do, just take care eh?

On a completely unrelated note, send that pm cos I've got a gorgeous greenish jug cluttering up my piano.


Mandy said...

Ew, Lareve

Catch 22's abound.

Meds have awful side effects and anyone lucky enough not to get them severely is more jammy than jam.

Considering the severity of reactions to other meds, I find it quite weird that shrinks are so hung up about benzos. My hair hasn't fallen out (any weight I put on is due to what I eat and soon goes when I 'get busy'). There seems a lack of real balance in their thinking.

Perhaps they need medication? It would certainly enlighten them..from personal experience..and might make them a tad more compassionate and disinclined to prescribe. It might actually make them question what they do and why. Yes, I am away with the fairies once more. x

Today's word verification was "inlize"...there in lize the answer. What was the question, again? Ha!

La-reve said...

Abysmal- I am trying to take care had night with no sleep and worst intrusive thoughts ever last night

Mandy- I think all Shrinks should have to try the meds they prescribe so they actually knew we aren't complaining for the sake of it these effects are real.