Thursday, September 17, 2009

Signed off for three months

Well I went to work meeting last friday. It was quite difficult being bombarded with questions for 45 minutes by section manager and HR. They mainly asked me why I said I could go back in July and August but failed to return. I told them that they may have caught me on a good week but my mood fluctuates and at the time I told them that I would have meant it. They don't seem to understand how it works. They didn't dismiss me they want me to see occupational health this week. I think they wanted to cover their back's. Anyway I have not heard from them this week and today I was signed off work for three months, CC is going to help me apply for DLA. I am therefore expecting my dismissal letter in post. This is best outcome at moment so will not push me over the edge again.

After the meeting I felt a bit hyper, a rush of adrenaline and went shopping, buying a new bag and some other bits. Felt a little guilty after as two weeks of my ESA spent but was fun. Mood has continued to be good this week, and I have remembered to take all doses of meds. I think I am relieved that work is not stressing me, decision has been made and I can concentrate on trying to get better. I want to take up a hobby or do some voluntary work on my days off or I will become a social recluse especially with winter coming.

Good mood has allowed me to get a lot done round house and a lot of paperwork, form filling and calls that needed to be made- I love these productive weeks. Next week I am going to try and go to the coast for the day as not seen the sea for a while. I want to book a holiday for next year and take my son to the farm.

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