Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yesterday I got my letter of dismissal from work on grounds of capability. It is what I was expecting and wanted in a way but it's still hit me hard. It seems like a reminder of everything I've lost to this illness. Also I've never been dismissed before and I can't help feeling I have failed somehow.
This week has been quiet though and was going well until I got the letter, today I hibernated and tried to challenge the negative thoughts resulting from receiving it. Got to go out and do some shopping tommorow though so will have to try and get myself into gear. Nothing more to report here.


Hannah said...

thinking of you, I know how hard it is to challenge the negative thoughts - but remember you're not a failure at all, don't let the recent developments pull you under. Stay strong,
Hann x

sarah said...

hang in there ok.

Anonymous said...

Being ill doesn't make you a failure. If that were true then we'd all be pointless blips on the earths surface.
Time out is what's best, I'm taking a while year out of responsibility to get my head together and to just be for a while. Sometimes it's lonely and boring but I'm getting by and finally finding things to dso other than see Dr Plastic and my Care co-ord.
Just take care and take time with yourself. You're worth that xx

Mandy said...

Hugs from me xxx

Louise said...

I've been dismissed from every job i ever had
and i is cool