Thursday, October 1, 2009

CPA Review

Doing really well here things seem to be finally clicking into place and I feel pretty ok. I have been priorotising my meds and have not missed a dose and feel better for it. Yes I can actually say my meds are working to stabilise my moods. Problem is the Depakote is causing hair loss and my hair is getting noticably thin. So now that at last the meds are working I am going to have to change them.

Today I had my CPA review it went ok, me , my mum, CC and Shrink. I have never been to one before apparently they are yearly, it covered everything. I am going to look at changing my meds re:hair loss. Lithium was suggested but the idea of having Lithium about makes me nervous and then there is starting a new drug and the risk of another hospital admission near christmas if it all goes wrong. But I don't want to be bold. I will have n appointment to decide in few weeks.

On other positives this week. Dla application completed by CC and looks hopeful. I had a visit from OT who is going to arrange a meeting for me with their volunteer co-ordinator as I have decided to try and volunteer once a week to force me out of the house as I don't want to end up a recluse over winter.

My sleep is slowly getting better I tend to have a night of three hours and then a night of six/seven this is with the Temazepam. However they have taken the Temazepam from me so who knows what the sleep will do now. I am not pleased about this as I think when I was starting to get this sorted why rock the boat.

All in all though a good week.


Mandy said...

Hi Lareve

Good to read that you have been feeling more on a level.

Not sure what to write about meds change because losing your hair is pants but the possibility of losing stability is pants too. I guess you will come to the best decision you can under circumstances.

Hope DLA comes through for you and your sleep doesn't go AWOL. It must be the doctor's fear of addiction that has led to them stopping the Tempazepam. Hmmm. When you are tentatively making positive steps in the here and now is difficult to foresee addiction problems or worry about them.

I sometimes do but mostly think that my now has to be tolerable (with options of positives) rather than looking at what might be going on in my life 5 years down the road.

Anyway, hope you continue to remain more level.


David said...

Fingers crossed with the meds. I've been all over the place over the last month and a half. Especially recently - I'm sure the seasonal change is a factor. You'll manage - I'm sending you a big fat well-intentioned gift of 'you'll manage'. And also a jug? Did you get my email a while back?

I wanted to check whether or not you were comfortable with the BIG parcel being addressed to La-Reve etc, or if that would blow your cover.

Please reply soonish - the big box is cluttering up the house, and sooner or later I won't have the money for the postage!

Take care dear LaReve


S said...

Hi Lareve

Landed on your blog from twitter (SOMEHOW! dont ask :P).

Good luck with DLA and hope the trouble with meds gets sorted soon.

Good luck :)

and oh yeah, happy One year anniv of your blog :)

eccedentesiat said...

Lareve... You okay lovely? xx

Hubert said...

This is fantastic!